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Annerose Knorz

Annerose Knorz


  • RLS-year 2008
  • Dissertation view

CV from Annerose Knorz

Annerose Knorz

Annerose Knorz was born in Heidelberg and studied physics at Albert-Ludwigs-University.

She obtained her diploma in 2007 with honours (average 1,0). She joined the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE) in 2005 where she conducted her diploma thesis on "Charakterisierung und Modellierung schädigungsarmer Laserablationsprozess für kristalline Silizium - Solarzellen". Prior to diploma thesis she worked as a graduate assistant at ISE, during that period solid knowledge about laser systems and laser processes could be obtained. Since graduating she works as a research assistant and investigates further development of laser processes for the production of crystalline silicon solar cells at Fraunhofer ISE.

Short description of the doctoral thesis:

Besides reducing thickness and increasing size of wafers higher efficiencies of industrial fabricated solar cells is required to reduce the costs per watt peak. The efficiency of industrially produced solar cells is limited by various factors and also by existing processing techniques in comparison with high efficiency lab-produced solar cells. To realize high efficient solar cell structures it is necessary to use dielectric passivating layers to improve the passivating of surfaces. Further improvements include alternative metallization concepts in screen printing metal compounds. This alternative technology requires an existing local opening of the dielectric layer. So structuring of these layers is a major key for improvement. In addition the structuring of the silicon itself is important for many cell concepts. The investigated laser processes show advantages in their selectivity and flexibility for structuring various materials.


Entwicklung und Charakterisierung strukturierender Laserverfahren für die Herstellung kristalliner Silizium-Solarzellen

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