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The Reiner Lemoine Foundation

From Energiewende to Energy System Transition

The Reiner Lemoine Foundation

100% renewable energy! Driven by this vision, Reiner Lemoine was persistently committed to helping the energy industry transition towards a breakthrough. He was convinced that both the environment and society would benefit from technological innovations in wind or solar energy.

The Reiner Lemoine Foundation (RLS) continues the life's work of its founder. The RLS has funded science and application-oriented research in the field of renewable energies with around 10 million euros. Almost 100 PhD-scholarships were awarded from 2006-2019. And the RLS has set up the Reiner Lemoine Institute, a renowned research institute. In short: The RLS contributes to making the energy system fit for the further expansion of renewable energies.

Topics of the Reiner Lemoine Foundation

Energy transition is initiated. When Reiner Lemoine and his colleges began to work on the first wind and solar plants in the end of the seventies in Berlin-Kreuzberg, the energy transition was still far off. However, renewable energy has since then been successfully established in Germany and worldwide.

Themen der DissertationenBut the further expansion is faltering. The decentralized, digital and decarbonised energy world of the future is at odds with the old energy system. Decentralized and cellular structures replace centralized structures. And the integration of the sectors electricity, heat and mobility gains importance. Yet, old regulatory structures and mindsets still dominate the market framework.

Adapting the Energy System to Renewables: The turnaround in the energy system is bringing fundamental changes as well as the introduction of renewable energies during recent decades. In the tradition of its visionary eponym Reiner Lemoine, the RLS promotes application-oriented research and discussion of solutions that advance the transformation of the energy system.

Activities of the Reiner Lemoine Foundation

The RLS promotes science and application-oriented research in the field of renewable energies. Since 2007, the RLS has supported around 100 PhD candidates with scholarships in the field of renewable energies and founded the Reiner Lemoine Institute. In 2019, a Graduate School will be established which pools the PhD students. In addition, the RLS is dedicated to a think-tank process to discuss and promote changes in the energy system. The energy system turnaround is also the focus of the Foundation's activities in studies and projects.