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Annika Sohre

Annika Sohre


  • RLS-year 2007

CV from Annika Sohre

Annika Sohre

Annika Sohre was born in Munich on March 15, 1978.

Annika Sohre studied environmental sciences at the University of Lüneburg with the main subjects environmental policy and environmental law. Already during the studies she was particularly interested in researching on renewable energies, especially on wind energy. 2003 she made her degree following her diploma about "Perspectives on promoting renewable energies in the European Union in the light of the subsidiarity principle". Afterwards Annika Sohre worked as a Referee of energy policy for Energie Baden-Württemberg EnBW AG in Berlin. She was responsible for topics of a sustainable energy supply (renewable energies, energy efficiency, emissions trading, climate change etc.). Since 2005 she worked in different scientific projects, e.g. she prepared a survey on wind energy in Great Britain for the project „Innovationsbiographie der Windenergie in Deutschland" (Zentrum für Technik und Gesellschaft, Institut für Landschaftsarchitektur und Umweltplanung of the TU Berlin).

Besides the scientific projects she is working for the mentoring project of the Leuphana University of Lüneburg since 2007.

Short description of the doctoral thesis:

"Central influencing factors on strategic governance. A comparison of political strategies for a sustainable energy supply in Germany and Great Britain."

The Dissertation analyses influences on strategic concepts in energy policy in Germany and Great Britain. A fundamental change is necessary for a sustainable development in the energy supply systems. Because of the durability of energy technologies, the high financial investments in new energy facilities and infrastructure, and the long-term environmental impacts of energy use, the transformation of the energy supply needs to be governed with a long-term view. Some countries try to govern this transformation by strategic concepts. The dissertation uses Great Britain and Germany as case studies in the analysis of energy strategies. The main focus regarding the content of the strategies is on renewable energies and on energy efficiency, the two main pillars of a transformation of energy system towards sustainability.

The aim of the dissertation is to analyse and to explain the processes of strategies for a sustainable energy supply. By comparing the strategic governance in the two countries the main influencing factors on strategies shall be identified. The benefit of the dissertation is a better understanding of strategic governance development and implementation. Furthermore the findings can be used to enhance and optimise the analysed energy strategies or to develop new energy strategies.

The dissertation is attended by PD Dr. Lutz Mez of the Environmental Policy Research Centre (FFU) of the Free University of Berlin.