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Claudio Casimir Lucas Lorenz

Claudio Casimir Lucas Lorenz


  • RLS-year 2013
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CV from Claudio Casimir Lucas Lorenz

Claudio Casimir Lucas Lorenz

Claudio Casimir Lucas Lorenz was born 1987 in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) and received his "Abitur" in 2007. Until 2011 he studied economics and engineering (Bachelor) at the TU Berlin with a specialization in mechanical engineering. During these studies he spent one semester abroad in Sweden at the "Lund Universitet". With his bachelor thesis he analysed the "Technological and Regulatory Aspects of Large Scale Electricity Storage". Afterwards he continued his studies as well in economics and engineering (Master) at the TU Berlin with a specialization in energy and resource management. Also during his master he spent one semester abroad in Chile at the "Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile". He finished his master with a thesis on "Regional Impacts of Electricity Imports from Northern Africa on the European Transmission Grid" in 2013.

In 2010 he did internships at Siemens AG and MVV Decon. From 2011 to 2013 he worked as a research assistant at the Workgroup for Infrastructure Policy at the TU Berlin. During this time he participated in different research projects and published papers in different journals and conferences on current topics in the electricity sector. After his semester abroad he did an internship at the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin).

Short description of the doctoral thesis:

"Design of the European Balancing Energy Markets for long-term Integration of Renewable Electricity Sources"

The decarbonization of the European and German electricity sector raises the questions of optimal market design for electricity markets. A key challenge will be the long-term integration of a high share of fluctuating renewable energy sources (RES). This will require intensive changes within the current design of the electricity markets which is the focus of my research.

The demand on balancing energy is likely to rise in line with the increase of fluctuating RES. Hence the importance of this market will rise in the future years. I will analyse the effects of fluctuating RES on the total cost of balancing energy provision. This will include the effects that stem from the driving out of conventional power plants in the spot market.

The analysis is based on a detailed modelling approach of the spot and balancing market. This includes an approximation of the electricity flows, ramping restrictions of thermal power plants and uncertainty of load and RES feed-in. The results shall indicate an optimal transformation of the balancing markets, which especially includes the possibility of cross-border balancing markets.


Balancing Reserve Provision in a Decarbonized Electricity Sector

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