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Dirk Kayser

Dirk Kayser


  • RLS-year 2011

CV from Dirk Kayser

Dirk Kayser

Dirk Kayser was born in Kassel in April 1982. He studied Industrial Engineering at HTW Berlin with a major in Technology- and Innovation Management. He studied abroad at the INSEEC Paris followed by an internship with a French Venture Capital funds and later was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to study in the United States.

After the studies je joined a German early-stage Venture Capital funds where he was promoted to Investment Manager before he decided to commit himself for a PhD program at the Chinese Academy of Sciences' Research Center On Fictitious Economy and Data Science (FEDS).

Short description of the doctoral thesis:

China is facing a dilemma - how to maintain high economic growth rates to sustain social development while reducing the reliance on fossil fuels and environmental pollution. This work will explore critical success factors for the transformation process from fossil fuels towards renewable energy in China and will seek to provide guidance on an optimal mix of enabling critical success factors.