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Farah Gammoh

Farah Gammoh


  • RLS-year 2010

CV from Farah Gammoh

Farah Gammoh

After completing her high-school studies in India, Farah Gammoh decided to pursue her higher education in Germany with special focus on the renewable energy field. As part of her thesis study she developed a hardware-software interface that could detect defective regions in a single solar cell and illustrate the results through a colour-coded image. During her two-year master program in Offenburg, she worked on the development and installation of a pilot control strategy for hybrid off-grid systems called UESP (Universal Energy Supply Protocol).

In the frame of a Master thesis study, she worked on the world's largest solar adsorption cooling system in Esslingen-Berkheim.
There is indeed a large scope for research and development in the field of solar thermal polygeneration. This, along with its great economic potential, has led Farah to pursue this topic in more depth.

Short description of the doctoral thesis:

"Design and implementation of a polygeneration pilot system for generating electricity, cold and heat to supply a university building with its energy demand through solar thermal Fresnel concentrating collectors"