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René Kamieth

René Kamieth


  • RLS-year 2011

CV from René Kamieth

René Kamieth

Dipl.-Ing. René Kamieth has been working in the field of Wind Energy and Renewable Energy since 2007. From 2008 on, he works with different companies and institutions specializing on experimental vibration analysis, measurement techniques and application programming. Following the completion of his degree in mechanical engineering at the Technische Universität Berlin, he works as an independent software designer and wind energy lecturer. In autumn 2011, he was granted a scholarship by the Reiner Lemoine Stiftung for his PhD studies at the Technische Universität Berlin, Department of Engineering Desgin and Product Reliability.

Short description of the doctoral thesis:

Wind energy converters and their towers are mostly designed for a service life of 20 years and are exposed to permanently alternating loads caused by wind and general operation, as well as very high load cycle numbers. The actual loads on the tower are rarely continuously measured. Therefore, the endured load spectrum and the remaining service life is unknown. A method will be developed and analyzed for reconstructing the endured loads of the tower, using the permanently recorded standard operating data and additional load measurements.