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Shivenes Shammugam

Shivenes Shammugam


  • RLS-year 2015
  • Dissertation view

CV from Shivenes Shammugam

Shivenes Shammugam

Shivenes Shammugam was born on the 24th of September 1988 in Malaysia.

Shivenes Shammugam completed his Bachelor studies in “Energy Systems” at the University of Applied Sciences in Biberach in 2012. During his studies he did an internship with MVV Energie AG in the fields of German control power market and Power-to-Gas. His Bachelor thesis involved energy efficiency and energy management system in small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), which he completed in EnBW GmbH in the department of Energy Services. He then completed his Masters in “Renewable Energy Systems: Environmental and Process Engineering” in 2014 at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg. His Master thesis “Analysis of grid-interactivity and load shifting potential of present day non-residential buildings” was successfully completed at the Fraunhofer-Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE) in Freiburg. He is employed as a scientific assistant since 2015 in Fraunhofer ISE in the Group Energy System Analysis.

Short description of the doctoral thesis:

Natural resources strategic assessment of existing German energy transformation scenarios”

A shortage of required natural resources in the production of renewable energy technologies is expected in the future due to increasing demand. On this basis, this thesis aims to conduct a resources-strategic assessment of existing energy transformation scenarios. The availability of natural resources required to ensure the realization of the transformation scenarios will be analyzed, which could lead to an adjustment of the technological development and the timely recognition of critical supply bottlenecks. The existing scenarios provide the basis in order to determine the required material demand for the conversion, storage and transport of energy in both electricity and heat sectors in Germany. Within the scope of this thesis, a valuation method and indicators to enable a resource-strategic assessment within the framework of an energy system will be proposed. The ecological and economical aspects of the scenarios will be analyzed as well.

The analysis will lead to a further development of an existing energy system model in Fraunhofer ISE, which would lead to a coupling of total system cost and resource demand in the optimization of the energy system. This thesis aims to propose and discuss several cost optimal scenarios of the German energy system with an efficient and sustainable use of resources in 2050.

Thematic areas

  • Wind
  • PV
  • Speicher
  • Systeme
  • Modellierung / Simulation / Optimierung

Subject areas



Raw materials and energy transformation process - Analysis of supply bottlenecks and implications on metal markets


Raw materials and energy transformation process - Analysis of supply bottlenecks and implications on metal markets

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