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Wuselwerk - The Reiner Lemoine Network

Wuselwerk - The Reiner Lemoine Network

We are a large network. The Reiner Lemoine Foundation and the Reiner Lemoine Institute bring together many people who are committed to the transformation of the energy system in their respective fields. In this way, we are continuing the tradition of our namesake. We are all united by our persistent commitment to the vision of a renewable energy system, today and in the future.

Watch a short film about Reiner Lemoine and Wuseltronik here

Our network is called "Wuselwerk". The name refers back to Wuseltronik, a company co-founded by Reiner Lemoine in 1978. The Berlin-based engineering collective was involved early on with solutions for a regenerative energy supply. Even then, Wuseltronik stood for "Wind- Und SonnenELekTRONIK" (wind and solar electronics) and its associated applications. 45 years later the two technologies have already become the mainstays of energy supply in Germany and worldwide: wind and solar energy.

Wuselwerk - Networking and Exchange

The Wuselwerk offers all current and former employees and scholarship holders of the RLS and the RLI a place for exchange and networking. Many of us feel a lasting connection to our common goals. Whether in science or research, whether in associations, administration and companies or even in the private sphere - many of us want to continue to work, in small and large ways, for the 100% renewable energy supply that Reiner Lemoine once advocated.

More about the members of the Wuselwerk can be found here: