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Alexandra Krumm

"For me, the energy system transition stands for a great opportunity for sustainable living together."


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Alexandra Krumm

Alexandra Krumm is working on the social aspects of the energy system transition, including the design of a socially just energy system transition, the roles of different actors in the transformation process, and public participation. She uses social science methods and combines them with quantitative energy models.

Her work is supervised by Prof. Dr. Pao-Yu Oei  from the Department of Energy and Environmental Management at Europa-Universität Flensburg (EUF).

In her Master's programme in industrial engineering with a focus on energy and resource management at TU Berlin, she addressed both technical and economic aspects of the energy transition in Germany and internationally. As part of her studies, Alexandra spent two semesters abroad in Istanbul (Turkey) and Chennai (India) and was a student assistant for various organisations including dena, giz and RLI.

  • Krumm, A. / Süsser, D. / Blechinger, P. (2022)

    Modelling social aspects of the energy transition: What is the current representation of social factors in energy models?
    Energy 239(4):121706.

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  • Hanto, J. / Krawielicki, L. / Krumm, A. / Moskalenko, N. / Löffler, K. / Hauenstein, C. / Oei, P. (2021)

    Effects of decarbonization on the energy system and related employment effects in South Africa.
    Environmental Science & Policy 124:73-84.

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  • Ruíz, A. / Krumm, A. / Schattenhofer, L. / Burandt, T. / Corrral Montoya, F. / Oei, P. / Oberländer, N. (2019)

    Solar PV Generation in Colombia - A qualitative and quantitative approach to analyze the potential of solar energy market.
    Renewable Energy 148 (2020).

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  • Lawrenz, L. / Xiong, B. / Lorenz, L. / Krumm, A. / Hosenfeld, H. / Burandt, T. / Löffler, K. / Oei, P. / von Hirschhausen, C. (2018)

    Exploring Energy Pathways for the Low-Carbon Transformation in India - A Model-Based Analysis.
    Energies 11(11), 3001.

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  • Krumm, A. (2021/04/08)

    Modelling social aspects of the energy transition: current and potential representations in energy models
    Vortrag bei der Network of Early Career Researchers in  Sustainability Transition (NEST), Sofia, Bulgarien, online

  • Krumm, A. (2021/08/27)

    The Potential of Collaborative Institutions for Major Policy Change – Lessons from the German ‘Coal Commission’
    Vortrag bei der European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) Conference, online

  • Krumm, A. (2018/06/13)

    Exploring Energy Pathways for the Low-Carbon Transformation in India
    Vortrag bei der 41st IAEE International Conference, Groningen, Niederlande.

  • Krumm, A. (2020)

    „Faktor Mensch“ und Energiemodellierung – das passt zusammen.
    Erneuerbare Energien – Kolumnen zur Energiesystemwende.

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