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Josephine Semb

"For me, the Energy System Transition means the restructuring of energy production and the associated way of life towards a social and just society."


Josephine Semb

In her dissertation, Josephine Semb focuses on the democratising potential of the restructuring of the society and the economy towards a climate neutral. In this context, she researches varying forms of public participation in the heating transition and tests how those can strengthen justice and acceptance. Examining individual, economic and communal forms of participation aims at furthering the understanding of the process in which green bottom-up projects soften backlash effects and consequentially reduce costs.

Her dissertation is supervised by Prof. Dr. Pao-Yu Oei from the Department of Energy- and Environmental Management at the Europe University in Flensburg. There, she also works as a researcher in der FossilExit Research Group.

She was awarded a graduate degree in political science from Columbia University in the City of New York (USA). During her degree, she specialised herself in the socioeconomic aspects of energy politics and the conditions of a just transition.

  • Herpich, Philipp, Josephine Semb, Pao-Yu Oei, Claudia Kemfert (2023)

    “Klimaschutz in der Lausitz zur Einhaltung der 1,5-Grad Grenze”


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  • Walk, Paula, Isabell Braunger, Josephine Semb, Carolin Brodtmann, Pao-Yu Oei, and Claudia Kemfert (2021)

    Strengthening Gender Justice in a Just Transition: A Research Agenda Based on a Systematic Map of Gender in Coal Transitions"

    Energies 14, no. 18: 5985.

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  • Semb, J. (09.05.2023)

    „Caring for a just future: multi-dimensional remediation of post-mining landscapes in Lusatia, Germany“

    Vortrag bei der STS Graz 2023