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Ricardo Reibsch

"For me, the energy system transition stands for making the entire energy system fit for 100% renewable energies."


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Ricardo Reibsch

Ricardo Reibsch's PhD project is dedicated to the question to what extent decentralised battery storage systems can in future contribute to system stability in a renewable and sector-coupled energy system. He is conducting energy system modelling at the distribution grid level.

Prof. Dr. Julia Kowal from the Department of Electrical Energy Storage Technology at TU Berlin supervises his work.

Ricardo Reibsch completed a degree in Electrical Engineering at TU Berlin, focusing on energy supply based on renewable energies. After graduating, he worked in transformative teaching and as a research associate in the field of renewable energies. Ricardo is involved in climate justice activities and is an active member of the Solar Powers association at TU Berlin.

  • Heider, A.; Reibsch, R.; Blechinger, P.; Linke, A. & Hug, G. (2021)

    Flexibility options and their representation in open energy modelling tools
    Energy Strategy Reviews, 2021

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  • Gemassmer, J.; Daam, C. & Reibsch, R. (2021)

    Challenges in grid integration of electric vehicles in urban and rural areas
    World Electric Vehicle Journal, 2021

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  • Reibsch, R. (2021/11/03)

    Die Bedeutung von Batteriespeichersystemen bei der Verringerung von Netzbelastungen in sektorengekoppelten und erneuerbaren Niederspannungsnetzen
    VDE-ETG-CIRED Workshop 2021, München

  • Reibsch, R. (2021/03/18)

    The Role of Battery Storage Systems in Solving Stability Issues in Sector-Coupled and Renewable Low-Voltage Grids
    15th International Renewable Energy Storage Conference (IRES 2021), online

  • Reibsch, R. (2020)

    Atomkraft - eine Partnerin der klimafreundlichen Erneuerbaren?
    Erneuerbare Energien – Kolumnen zur Energiesystemwende

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  • Reibsch, R. (2020)

    Achtung! Bundesnetzagentur versucht alte Energiewelt zu zementieren.
    Erneuerbare Energien – Kolumnen zur Energiesystemwende.

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