We appreciate your interest in a Reiner Lemoine-Stiftung scholarship. The following are the foundation’s terms and conditions for funding:  

General: The Reiner Lemoine-Stiftung scholarship is strictly a doctoral dissertation grant. The scholarship holder must meet the requirements of the university and its doctoral degree regulations. The research topic must be based on the foundation’s scholarship objectives and its purpose. 

The scholarships in 2018 are awarded mainly in the context of the following topics: 

Decarbonization of the heat sector

The foundation additionally promotes these topics:

Application: Scholarship applications must be submitted using the online form provided and sent to the foundation by post and e-mail.  

Please submit your application together with  

Applications must be received by June 30th. The Board will sift through the applications and shortlist a group of prospective applicants. The final selection of doctoral candidates will be made in an interview process, with final interviews held in Berlin some time in September / October. 

Scholarship period: Scholarships are granted for a maximum period of three years. Funding is initially provided for one year. Once the scholarship holder has passed an assessment of achievements, the foundation will continue to provide funding until completion of the doctorate, but not exceeding a further two years. 

Assessment of achievements: Scholarship holders are required in the first year of funding – usually in September/October – to present their research results to the Board of Trustees and the Board of Directors of the Reiner Lemoine-Stiftung. In addition to a presentation of around 20 minutes, scholarship holders will also need to produce a written abstract.  

In the following years, scholarship holders will be asked to prepare posters and abstracts on the progress of their work, which are to be presented at the annual Scholarship Holders’ Day.

Scholarship holders are further required of their own accord to furnish a statement from their supervising professor on the current stage of their work in the first and second year.

Scholarship holders are required – even after the funding period – to notify the foundation of the successful completion of their doctorate and to present the results of their work in a 30-minute talk either at the next Scholarship Holders’ Day or at a science conference organised by the Reiner Lemoine Institut (RLI).

Stipend: The Reiner Lemoine-Stiftung grants a doctorate dissertation stipend not exceeding EUR 1600.00 per month.

The foundation does not finance material costs, travel expenses, allowances for studies abroad or for travel expenses during periods spent abroad, moving expenses, publication costs, etc.

The stipends granted by the RLS are determined on the basis of other income which the scholarship holder is required to disclose.

Stipends may reduce in case of:

Depending on the Board of Trustees’ review of the co-financer, however, cofinancing by the industry may increase the chance of approval.

Scholarships are granted with special consideration given to the following aspect: Throughout the funding period, a non-academic research institute at which the scholarship holder carries out research for their doctorate contributes EUR 500.00 per month towards the payment of primary costs in the form of an employment contract for the scholarship holder resulting in a reduction of payments by the foundation.

Costs met by third parties for material, travel, publication, etc., which help to accomplish the research purpose do not reduce the stipend.

Under Section 3 subpara. 44 of the German Income Tax Act, stipend payments are exempt from taxation.

The payment of stipends does not establish an employment or service relationship between the Reiner Lemoine-Stiftung and the scholarship holder. The foundation does not pay social security contributions.

Payment arrangements: Payments are made only to the university supervising the scholarship holder. The scholarship holder is responsible for ensuring that the university has set up a special account for their scholarship from the foundation.

Stipends will be paid in advance to the university for a full year at a time.

Each month, EUR 100.00 of the stipend will be put aside. The scholarship holder is entitled to payment of the investment reserve if the duly defended and accepted dissertation is presented to the foundation as a hard copy and a pdf document within six months from the end of funding. In exceptional cases, which must be advised and explained in advance, this deadline may be extended by a further six months to a total of twelve months.

The disbursement will be released on presentation of the research project results at a lecture as stated above in the year of the due date for the doctoral dissertation or in the following year.

Requirements of the scholarship holder: The scholarship holder is required promptly to disclose to the Reiner Lemoine-Stiftung any other scholarships, grants and other income they may receive during the funding period.

The foundation must be notified immediately of any changes to the contact details of the scholarship holder.

The scholarship holder is obligated to comply with the Rules of Good Scientific Practice (see “Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice”, WILEY-VCH publisher), to focus on obtaining their doctoral degree, to submit to an initial assessment of achievements after one year, and to agree to the publication of their dissertation by the Shaker-Verlag publishing firm and as a pdf document on the website of the Reiner Lemoine-Stiftung.

The scholarship holder consents to the Reiner Lemoine-Stiftung collecting, storing and processing any personal data it may require to process their application. Express consent is also given to the publication of data – such as biographical details of the scholarship holder, presentation of their research topic and their dissertation – on the website of the Reiner Lemoine-Stiftung.

The scholarship holder is aware that any incorrect information or any violation of requirements entitle the foundation to a repayment of any amounts already paid.

Selection process/Information rights: Students are in no way legally entitled to any scholarship. Applicants are selected for scholarships at the discretion of the Reiner Lemoine Stiftung. The Selectors are not required to provide feedback to unsuccessful applicants about the content of their selection decision.